A word on the My local files applet

Posted: 2 May 2009 in Editing files, Teamsite

When we want to modify the content of a file, the file we want to edit is located on the server’s file system to which we do not have direct access (we’re in a web application) and our editing software is located on our desktop so we’ll need a way of accessing the file’s content in some way. The answer to this problem comes from the local files Java applet, whose responsibility is to download files from the server to the user’s desktop where it will be opened, edited, saved and uploaded again back to the server.

In the menus, select View>My local files. The first time you click the link, the Java environment will ask if you give your authorisation to run the applet and if you agree (you should click “OK”), the applet is downloaded and initialised. Since the applet’s purpose is to write to your file system, you must specify a location. The applet asks us for a directory where it will download files to, prompting the default value of “c:\iwtemp”. If this location is OK for you, accept this value or change it to something more appropriate for your needs before clicking the “OK” button once more.

The applet will display the list of files that have been currently downloaded on your desktop along with some options towards the bottom of the screen to edit, upload or remove the current selection of files from the list. The edit option allows us to edit the selected file(s) with the default editor, while the edit with option will allow us to edit the file with an application of our choosing.


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