Any advice on a search engine to use with the end product/web-site?

Posted: 2 May 2009 in Branches, Search, Teamsite

Searching in the TeamSite ContentCenter app, there is the interwoven search that you can grab from the support site, It’s fully integrated and configurable per branch. Most of the configuration is done through XML files and quite easy to use.

Seaching on the front end, it depends how the delivery is done. There’s obviously a solution at interwoven with Interwoven Enterprise Search but I’ve never used it. I quite like the open source solution with Lucene which works fine with a Java web server. It’s open source and definitely scalable (don’t necessary believe the vendor claims that it’s not).
Autonomy is famous for search so you should have a look at their other products on the autonomy website.

  1. Janis Veiss says:

    hi Laurent,
    you may want to check out digFast full-text search solution which is built on Sphinx extremely powerful open source platform

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