What does it take to be a good Interwoven Teamsite/LiveSite developer and administrator

Posted: 3 May 2009 in LiveSite, MetaTagger, OpenDeploy, SitePublisher, Teamsite

It takes a VERY COMPLETE PERSON indeed to be an Interwoven developer and administrator. The product is so large that if you want to do it all, then you have to know it all.

The front end…

Most uf us use TeamSite as a WCM platform so we need to know how to craft a finished product. That means that the whole “front-end” stack needs to be acquired: HTML (preferably XMLTM), CSS and JavaScript at the minimum. Also, the HTTP protocol should be understood as well as the underlying principles of web page document delivery and structure of a web server.

Then there’s the delivery plaform. Since TeamSite itself is a de-coupled environment, you need to know at least one Web Server. The list is huge but only one suffices. IIS, Apache if you do mostly static pages, plus TomCat, WebSphere and a few others if you do dynamic delivery. That means you also need to know a scripting language such as ASP, JSP, PHP, Perl and CGI… If you also use SitePublisher with LiveSite (and note that SitePublisher does NOT need LiveSite), then you need to know about J2EE and the J2EE WebContainer that will do the delivery on your environment. Dy default, that means TomCat.

The back end…

The TeamSite Web application needs to be configured and used. It’s a web application and a big one that runs in a J2EE environment. So you ned to be well versed in J2EE, the WebContainer that delivers the TeamSite Content Center Web Application and how to configure or extend all of it. Here come XML, XSL, Perl, JavaScript and Java (you may also include Springs and Struts frameworks), HTTP proxying and Samba. If you want to go secure, SSL and encryption need to be added to that stack.

Once you know all that…

… then you’re ready to learn TeamSite, SitePublisher, LiveSite, OpenDeploy and MetaTagger.


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