Custom instantiation form for workflows

Posted: 3 June 2009 in Custom instantiation, Data Capture Template, FormsPublisher, Teamsite, Worfklow models, Workflows

If you do not like the way the instantiation form of your workflows, you can customise the instantiation form of a workflow model by creating a file named custom_instantiation.cfg. The file is an xml document, but it’s name is custom_instantiation.cfg, not custom_instantiation.xml so if you can’t see your customisations when you instantiate the workflow, check this first.

The file resides in the _config folder for the workflow, so if your workflow model is called “myworkflow”, you will have the following files in /iwadmin/main/workflowModels/WORKAREA/iw-wa:

  • Models/myworkflow.ipm
  • Config/myworkflow_config/default_config.xml

Creating the custom instantiation is easy. In /apps/interwoven/teamsite/bin, there’s a little utility called iwmodeldct which reads a configuration file for the workflow and creates a customised instantiation form with it.

For our workflow, the following command needs to be invoked from the command line:

cd /iwadmin/main/workflowModels/WORKAREA/iw-wa/Config/myworkflow_config

/apps/interwoven/teamsite/bin/iwmodeldct default_config.xml custom_instantiation.cfg

This file can now be modified to be customised like any other datacapture form that it is.


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