My OS? No longer from Microsoft…

Posted: 8 September 2009 in Uncategorized

As I have been so annoyed lately, I decided that all my machines would be Ubuntu powered. No more this-doesn’t-work-undocumented-software-features for me. Now, if I could just convince my bosses at work they need to change, I might just be able to develop my things in peace…

Doh… It’ll never work 😦

  1. tanguy says:

    sudo apt-get install teamsite opendeploy livesite

    well, we can always dream i guess

  2. Cris says:

    you must be french? i know french people have a love affair with Ubuntu lol… Personally i am not fan or loyal to any brand or area. i am up for anything that will make my life easier. sometimes i hate windows for the crashes, the slowness and network issues and other sometimes i hate Linux for failing to compile or install something for missing dependencies. the same with other things like IE and FF…
    I am curious to know what works better for you in Ubuntu that you just can’t do in XP (not vista)?

  3. in 2 words? Memory consumption!

    My linux machine works like a dream and I do not recall it EVER crashing on me. I went for Ubuntu as it was recommended to me by a friend of mine working in support at interwoven (Hi Davian!). I installed it and it worked for me, so I kept it.

    Running on XP takes all my memory and running netbeans and other stuff becomes very combersome. I switched, and I’m not regretting it…

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