The Best of browsers?

Posted: 14 March 2010 in browser, Firefox, Internet Explorer

Firefox for me has been the most customisable and because of this, it has given me the most enriched browsing experience.
I am a web developer amd the mutlitude of shortcuts I can use really saves me time. I bookmark and organise my boobmark with 1 click, and I have a lot of those. I get rid of annoying ads, added functionality to my search engines, added search engines to look for documentation quickly.
For me, it also renders HTML the way HTML is supposed to be rendered, which I cannot say the same for Microsoft Internet Explorer. Stay away from Microsoft on this one. And to top ot all up, I can create an add-on so that users visiting my site have an extra-rich experience. Linked-in did it, so can I.

For me the browser war is not just something that happens in the background. Whenever I see people, colleagues, who develop in IE and don’t make their site standard compatible, I cringe.  whenever I go to  company that insists that we must use IE as the de-facto company browser, I cringe. the reason I cringe is because if you had a car manufacturer produced a car so fuel inefficient, so clunky to drive and with a engine without 3rd gear, you wouldn’t want to drive it, would you? Now why the hell is this what most companies choose to do with their browsers is beyond me…

Some even elected to stay with IE6… I wouldn’t work for them.

  1. Cris B says:

    I also don’t understand why organizations still enforce IE6 as the standard, but hopefully this will change things:

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