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The workflow modeler will “Save to Server” in a workarea that is pre-configured by default to be “/iwadmin/main/workflowModels/iw-wa” in the Teamsite server. The location can be changed in the properties file for the workflow modeler itself in ApplicationSettings.cfg located in the resources folder of the workflow modeler application on the client machine.

The following settings can be used to modify the target workarea:

  • STORE_NAME=iwadmin
  • BRANCH_NAME=main/workflowModels

Once the settings have been changed, restart the workflow modeler.


configurable variables are accessible through “$IW_CV(myconfigurablevar)” type of variables. I had forgotten how that worked and couldn’t access the configurable variable I was after… Doh! This is specially useful in conditional links.

While I’m at it, Script variables can also be accessed through a similar system of “$IW_SV(myscriptvar)”. (to be verified – lol)

The deployment task expects a success link and a failure link.

Their names follow a convention as follows:

  • the success link’s name must be the name of the deployment task concatenated with ” Success”.
  • the failure link’s name must be the name of the deployment task concatenated with ” Failure”.

When creating a workflow deployment task, you can specify the following Task Variables:

ClassName: (optional)com.interwoven.ui.teamsite.workflow.task.urltask.DeployURLExternalTask. a deployment task is only a URLExternalTask with additional variables.

odDeploymentName: (required)The name of the deployment file to use, without the .xml extension.

odDeploymentInst: (optional)The suffix to uniqely differentiate the deployments. Allows concurrent deployments. I normally set this to a script variable as “_$IW_USER_” + new Date().getTime();

Additional values may be set for odHost, odPort but they have default values for the current environment. You only set these up when you’ve change the defaults.

Deployment specific variables (normally set with a -k on the command line) can also be set in the OD Variables field, or in the normal task variables by prefixing their name with “odSubst_”.

I’m glad to go to the autonomy executive forum in Mayfair tomorrow. I’m looking forward to a good meal and also to the presentation but also to see some familiar faces again.

Hopefully, there will be IDOL talks all around and plenty to comment about. I will keep you posted.