A few notes from the webinar on multilingual websites

Posted: 13 July 2010 in Uncategorized

Today, there’s a webinar on multilingual sites. Here’s what I found.

They started talking about “dependency management”, with bi-directionally relation of assets to each other. This require use of the metadata. MediaSurface has been very good at doing this for a long time. This is good for a “where used” functionality, and by extension see the impact of moving a piece of content. Note that Teamsite will not update the related files when you move/delete a piece of content. You’ve got to do that yourself.

They then talked about globalised content management as globalisation in Teamsite leverages this dependency management as it clones a site and adds “locale” dependencies.

Pages and DCRs have dependencies and you can create a localised copy of the content (if you maked the content piece as localisable), forming a site “family”. Branches get additional configurations where you add the supported locale.

In order to achieve this, additional extended attributes have been created. Also, the site name gets the locale appended to its name (e.g. mysite and mysite_fr).

There is also a “translation monitoring dashboard” (accessible from the actions menu), which helps you track how far along the localisation process you are. The translation workflow can be internal (in iw-cc) or integrated with an external process. Changes can be propagated to specific sites.

As far as upgrades are required, they mentioned upgrade scrips that creates the used dependencies trees, although the localisation will require manual work (they didn’t go into too much details there…). The publish livesite content workflow has been updated to take care of some additional tasks. This should work with Teamsite v7.1 and 7.2

In the runtime, each site is an independent geography runtime. Locales can be prioritised when the visitors access the site (browser, language preferences, query parameters, visitor profile). The Q & A session afterwards didn’t reveal anything earth shattering.

My view on this? If you’re a big global organisation, this may be for you. I don’t know how it will handle your sites if you already have lots of localised content since it needs to build dependency trees but if you’re just starting out, it could help you along.

  1. Mick says:

    Your right mediasurface now Alterian has had the relationship functionality for years, recently v5.9 onwards they have extended this to include an interface specifically for managing translations, they also provide a comprehensive Api to query and consume the translations simply in a manner that suites your specific requirements. I’ve found this very useful, as in earlier releases there was a lot more development effiort required to provide a truly internationalised site.

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