The roles in a Web Content activity

Posted: 27 July 2010 in Uncategorized

Who does what in a Web Content Management? Not everyone does the same job when creating a website (or a whole bunch of them).

So let’s have a look at the various roles and responsibilities.

The Content Contributor:

The content contributor mostly fills out forms with content. Titles, dates, description, body of content.

The Site Manager

The site’s manager’s responsibility is to create a shell for the site. It therefore is responsible for the creation of pages and the creation of the sitemap (in Teamsite, the navigation of the site is separated from the physical structure of the site).

The Content Editor:

Just as a magazine or newspaper, someone is responsible for the content. The content editor is responsible for resolving conflicts between people (for access to the content) and versions of the content.

The Teamsite Administrator: Just like the content editor is responsible for create a site shell for pages, the administrator is responsible for creating user areas in the Teamsite environment. These are workareas and branches.

The System’s Administrator: Just like the administrator deals with the branches and workareas, the system’s administrator is responsible for the installation of TeamSite and the services.

The TeamSite Master: Just like a UNIX system has a “root” user that is unrestricted, the “Administrator” on Windows, a Teamsite user who is a Master is unrestricted on the system.

All these roles can be given to TeamSite users and a lot of the time, the lines are blurred. For example, a smaller organisation may have one person filling the role of the content contributor, editor and site manager all at once.

  1. Very interesting article, thanks. Keep up the good work.

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