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Users using CCPro aren’t necessarily very aware of where their files are in the content store, because they are given access to one and only one workarea and they remain there forever…

Every now and then, some users start crossing workarea boundaries and suddenly they look for files in the wrong area and get very confused.

If you need to let them know for a particular site which workarea they use, you can give them a link directly to the folder where their files are:

Putty knives

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I use putty a lot. with it, I tail log files and issue commands on the servers I have applications running.

I’m lucky enough I only have a few servers to deal with but even then, sometimes, I have too many connections open in too many terminals. That’s where PuTTY connection manager comes in handy. One window, many tabs: one for each terminal connection. Brilliant.

Get it from here: