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Firefox can remember passwords for sites automatically. When you arrive on a site that contains a login form, it asks if you want to remember it and the next time to get there, it will fill in the username and password for you.

firstly, you should be aware that these are stored in plain text unless you set up a master password, which you should do.

Some sites actively prevent the password manager to remember the passwords for you. These can still be remembered if you have the following two add-ons:
Saved password editor => This add-on will let you add the username and password manually to the list of saved password in Firefox.
Secure Login => automatically sets the fields of the form with the saved values. This is normally done by firefox by default but this allows you to do it when the form is telling it not to do it.

Both add-ons are integrated with the default password saving functionality, which is nice.


If you need to enter values that are selected from a taxonomy node in a DCR, let FormsPublisher do all the leg work with a callout:

<textarea required=”f” rows=”8″ cols=”70″ wrap=”virtual” maxlength=”250″ readonly=”t”>
<callout url=”/iw-cc/livesite/taxonomyexplorer/;method=loadTaxonomyExplorer&amp;selectMode=multiple” label=”Select…” window-features=”width=600,height=500,resizable=yes,toolbar=no,scrollbars=yes,status=no”/>

If the values need to be reworked after the selection, formAPI can always be invoked too.