Exciting times ahead!

Posted: 1 September 2011 in CSSDK, Groups, Java, Roles, Security, Teamsite, Users
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Oh boy. it’s late and I’ve been working quite hard lately, both on the current day job and lately with my side project which is what I wanted to share with everyone here and now.
I’ve started writing some training course material about the CSSDK in all its glory in the hope that someone out there would take me up on the offer and sign up for a training session.
It’s early stages yet, although I’ve already written 5 sections out of what I think will be about 10. This means I’m half way there (Hurray!) and that means I need to start broadcasting this to the whole wide world and start generating some interest. An interesting point is Interwoven Autonomy HP (?) does not seem to cover it in any great detail.
Up until now, I have written (besides the training plan):
  • a succinct introduction,
  • a chapter on how to configure the IDE with the TeamSite jars and JavaDocs,
  • a chapter on the CSFactory and getting connected to teamsite (locally and via SOAP, if you please),
  • a chapter on the common package, the CSClient and other assorted bits
  • a chapter on users, groups and roles and operations.

Impressions to this date on the work has been fairly positive. I’ve enjoyed writing it and I was surprised at how much there is to actually say about users and group, the biggest chapter to date. I’ve learnt a fair bit about the new features of the latest release and discovered a couple of tricks along the way. I can’t wait to share them!

I’ll post progress reports in the blog. That’ll keep me motivated to keep writing and also this will whet your appetite to want to learn more about what I’m currently doing. Some of you may think you don’t need this kind of training and you might be right, but can you answer this question quickly off the top of your head?

“Which objects would you use to add a user to a branch with the editor role using the CSSDK?”

The answer, as it happens, is in the training course so I wont actually give you it straight away. Oh, and if anyone from HP is reading this, you can buy my company any day of the week and improve your offering (ooh, controversial)!

  1. Mr. HP says:

    I am reading this, and what are you asking? Do we get the Developer too?

  2. It depends on the price tag you’re putting forward 😉

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