News from Klout

Posted: 28 October 2011 in Uncategorized

according to Klout,
“You know how to connect to the right people and share what’s important to your audience. You generously share your network to help your followers. You have a high level of engagement and an influential audience.”

I think this is more accurate than what it was, with a score of 39 now, which reflects a little bit of regular participation on the blog and lots of reading on linked-in. I am beginning to see how this can be a useful “metric” if I wanted to go solo and sell the advertising space to a sponsor, but with a low-ish score like that, that will take me nowhere at the moment. I will keep posting and see if I can improve the score somehow, but I find it hard to use the metric as a tool, and not post in order to improve the metric. Still it’s a good motivation and a good reminder of the fact I should post more regularly.


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