Teamsite 7.3.1 iw-webd configuration

Posted: 10 August 2012 in Uncategorized

After I installed TeamSite 7.3.1 on a new Windows virtual machine, I could access it from the vm under http://localhost/iw-cc/command/iw.ui but I could not access it from outside the vm or by its IP address.

This was down to 2 configuration files. iw.cfg in the teamsite directory and iwwebd.conf.template in the iw-webd/conf folder.

the listen directive was changed to include the server name and the port, as opposed to just the port.


I also changed the iw-webd servername from localhost to its IP address and restarted the ui. Job done.

  1. Mahtab md says:

    This was due to ipv6 as a default requiremnt in apache 4.3.2 , and the clients stil using ipv4.

    so default port shall be changed from just port no to ip format(ipv4) : port no.

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