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If you have problems installing TeamSite with an error that the Common Services package cannot be found, the iwpkg file may be corrupted (as in something not quite right happened during the download).

Autonomy provide a md5sum file containing the md5 signature of the file. All that we need to do is re-calculate the checksum of the local file and compare it with the one provided by Autonomy.

On windows, this article explains how to do this:

“C:\Program Files\md5check\fciv.exe” “IWOVTeamSite-Windows-7.1.0.iwpkg”
> // File Checksum Integrity Verifier version 2.05.
> //
> 03a5f24c8de61c12ea78b5a87fcb20e3 iwovteamsite-windows-7.1.0.iwpkg

This does not match the content of the file supplied below.
337b46566de732425c81b0f16a2add4f patch_pkgs/RQA-Build1427-IWOVTeamSite-Windows-7.1.0-P10694.iwpkg

On linux, we have the md5sum command which takes a file name as a parameter.

md5sum IWOVTeamSite-Linux-7.1.0.iwpkg

If the md5 hashes do not match, you have to re-transfer the file because the installer won’t be able to do anything with it.



private (non runnable) ant task

Posted: 7 December 2012 in Ant

Prefix the task name with a “-”

<project name="public_only" default="public">
<target name="-private">
 <echo message="private" />
<target name="public" description="this task is public" depends="-private">
 <echo message="public" />

First you delete the branch locally and then you delete the branch in the origin.

git branch -d branchName # discard locally, must be fully merged
git push origin :<branchName> # replicate the change in the remote repository

You may want to discard your changes made within the branch. the -D option is used then.

git branch -D branchName # delete the branch, irrespective of the merge status
git push origin :<branchName> # replicate the change in the remote repository