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I have now created a TeamSite/SitePublisher training course. After a lot of blood and absolutely no tears whatsoever, I can now produce the agenda of the 5 days long program. Let’s see where it will take us.

Day 1


$IW_HOME/local/config/lib/content_center/livesite_customer_src/db contains scripts (livesite_schema_ddl.sql, insert_taxonomy_node_types.sql, insert_address_types.sql) to create the tables of the SitePublisher/LiveSite tables

  • data model tables
  • iw_asset,
  • iwcont_author,
  • iwcont_blog_cmnt,
  • iwcont_blog_entry,
  • iwcont_category,
  • iwcont_contact,
  • iwcont_content,
  • iwcont_event,
  • iwcont_image,
  • iwcont_link,
  • iwcont_news,
  • iwcont_rating,
  • iwcont_site,
  • iwcont_vote,

optimost tables

  • iwopt_cnt_vpath,
  • iwopt_counter,
  • iwopt_creative,
  • iwopt_exp_cnt,
  • iwopt_exp_errors,
  • iwopt_experiment,
  • iwopt_module,
  • iwopt_portfolio,
  • iwopt_segment,
  • iwopt_subject,
  • iwopt_wave,

visitor profile tables

  • iwpers_address_type,
  • iwpers_user,
  • iwpers_user_site,

taxonomy tables

  • iwtax_node,
  • iwtax_node_type

The scripts also help populate the default taxonomies (‘Content Types’ and ‘Content Categories’) and also populate the default address types (‘Residential’, ‘Commercial’, ‘Education’, ‘Government’)

Vendor specific

the vendor sub-folder contains vendor (Oracle, Microsoft Sql Server) specific sql scripts (disable_taxonomy_parent_constraint_ddl.sqlserver.sql and If you use mysql and you find something doesn’t quite work right, create a script here.

Vendor specific migration scripts

the migration subfolder contains LiveSite migration scripts for each vendor dialect and specificity (30_301_migration.sqlserver.sql and

All these scripts are executed as part of the sql.execute build target of the livesite customer toolkit.

DAS setup

Posted: 4 June 2013 in Uncategorized

When DAS is configured, it needs to be enabled each datatype.
The first step is to generate a dbschema.cfg file for the dcr type. I found that specifying parameters for a dcr type required a DTD file present. Specifying the path to a Datacapture file directly does not.
iwsyncdb -dbschemagen -dcfile "y:\default\main\acme\WORKAREA\my-wa\templatedata\category\type\datacapture.cfg"

The second step is to generate the data deployment configuration (_dd.cfg) for the DCR type.
iwsyncdb -ddgen "/default/main/acme/WORKAREA/my-wa" category/type
Modify it to use the correct database ($OD_HOME/etc/database.xml)

The last step is to physically create the tables that will contain our records.
iwsyncdb -initial "/default/main/acme/WORKAREA/my-wa" category/type