Lapis Server v1.2

Posted: 25 November 2013 in Graph, JAAS, Java, Lapis Server, Node, NodeAction, Workflow Engine
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Oooh, not so long ago I announced that version 1.0 of the workflow system was developed. Now, it’s the turn of version 1.1. In this version, we’ve separated the interfaces from their implementations into their own jar file. This way, they are easier to add to your project and you can start developing your own custom actions for your workflows.
This meant that you can compile your custom actions and jar them together. Once you have your own jar file full of custom code, you add it to the lib/ext folder and the workflow engine can now call your custom node actions!
I re-instated the authorisation mechanism I had started to develop a while back so that sensitive actions cannot be performed without proper authorisation – like shutting down the server! The mechanism uses JAAS. The next version will see other activities only permitted to named users, such as wfchown, which changes the owner of a task.
Finally, I have integrated the sub-workflow task into the core API (as opposed to having it as a custom node implementation). Sub-workflows modes can be synchronous (it waits for the sub-workflow to finish) or asynchronous (the node transitions straight away and doesn’t really care what the sub workflow instance is doing).
We had to clean a couple of events in the process so that it would work even after server restarts, but it does work.
I have planned Version 1.2. Promoted from the project backlog to this version are:
licensing: This server is not free software. I’d like to make money from it
wfchown permission: not everyone will be able to take tasks as their own from another user
Events cleanup: This will be continued
client for current user: the current user will be used to connect. The command line tools will then use this to reduce the number of parameters required


  1. vaibhav228 says:

    Hi Laurent, Is it opensource or paid version. Where to download from for trying.

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