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Posted: 30 November 2013 in Lapis Server, Licensing
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I have had a comment about the licensing model of the workflow engine. Since I have put a lot of effort into it, I would like it to be paid software and not open source. These are early days yet so I may be persuaded otherwise yet if the community clamours for it.

There are 3 valid licenses that can be obtained:

  • a 30 days evaluation license: None of the features are restricted. The license is only valid for 30 days.
  • a Developer Server license: None of the features are restricted. The license is only for non-production systems.
  • a Production Server license: None of the features are restricted.

In order to obtain a license, please contact Laurent Picquet, CEO of Fukoka Ltd. at

Licenses are server restricted, port restricted and time restricted. Any of these restrictions can be lifted. For example, a license may be issued to be valid across all the servers in an organisation, or/and across any port on a server, or/and to never expire. Licenses issued for an organisation or individual entities cannot be shared with or resold to other organisations or individual entities.

The license information comes in 2 parts. One part is a license properties file (fukoka_lapis.lic), detailing what the license covers. The other part is a signature file validating the licese properties (fukoka_lapis.sig). Tempering with any of these 2 files will invalidate the license.

The server properties file must reference these 2 files (usually in the etc sub-folder of your installation) through the following 2 properties:

  • lapis.license.licenseFile
  • lapis.license.licenseSignatureFile
The server will validate the license upon startup. Below is an example license file fukoka_lapis.lic
#Fukoka Ltd.
#Sat Nov 30 06:14:29 GMT 2013
organisation=Fukoka Ltd.

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