Lapis Server Installation Folder Structure

Posted: 16 December 2013 in Graph, Lapis Server, Licensing, Workflow Engine
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The project is installed in a folder of your choosing, referred to as lapis_home. It is common to place to select /opt/fukoka/lapis as the lapis_home folder.
Inside the installation folder, we see a list of sub-folders, each with a specific purpose.

  • bin:
    the bin folder contains the command line utilities that help users and administrators interact with the lapis server.
  • conf:
    the conf folder contains your configuration files, for example the graphs (workflows) are located in this folder
  • docs:
    user guide, developer guide and administrator guide reside in this folder.
  • etc:
    the etc folder contains the configuration files relevant to the server. This would include the server properties file, the users’ XML repository, the jaas configuration file, the jaas policy file, the license file and the license signature file.
  • javadoc:
    contains the java documentation
  • lib:
    this folder contains the java archives which the server is relying on to function properly. The ext sub-folder is the location where you place your custom extensions to the server and 3rd party libraries
  • logs:
    this folder contains the log files generated by the server.
  • run:
    this folder contains files required or created when running the server. For example, the graph execution files are stored in this folder.

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