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Lapis server

Posted: 31 March 2014 in Teamsite

Hello all,

in this version of the Lapis server, we have made sure that workflows (or graph executions) can be interrupted at any time and resumed afterwards via the API, command line or the web application.

The web application now contains a link in the workflows menu to that effect and also a warning when a workflow is not currently alive.
A workflow which is not alive can be resumed by from the API, the web application and a command line tool.

We have also created the default configuration for the logging API, which now creates and rotates files in the logs directory of the server.

We have also added the capability to add a custom instantiation form to each graph to make the whole process a lot more user friendly.
We have integrated our own JavaScript form cloning solution to make adding and removing elements on the fly a breeze

As always, work carries on…


Lapis Server enhancements

Posted: 19 March 2014 in Teamsite

Hello All,

Recently, there has been a fair amount of work going on Lapis Server.

The lapis server email task now supports multiple addresses for to, cc and bcc fields.
The audit trail is now complete. It is possible to track who created, activated, rejected or completed a graph execution or a token.
The javadocs are now available in jar form so that they are easier to incorporate into the development environment of developers. They are also available through the web application.
Talking of which, the web application now is taking (a nice) shape but there is still plenty to do. It is a big API, and I’d like to have most of it represented in the web app, so I’ll crack on with it this month.

Here’s a screenshot of the webapp’ve view of a graph execution (a.k.a. a workflow). You can see it has a list of active tokens (a.k.a. tasks) that a user can complete (or that a program is currently completing), a list of previously completed and rejected tokens, the token attributes and properties.