lapis server 1.2.9

Posted: 18 July 2014 in Teamsite

It has been a somewhat short sprint with not a lot to talk about. The interface is getting more and more usable, which is a good thing since I’m using it to manage the sprints. The filters and comparators and really helping with this.

Server instance name

the lapis start program has been modified to take a second argument which is used to distinguish between multiple running instances. The argument is simply there to appear on the command line when checking the running processes as shown below:

$ ps -ef | grep LapisServer.jar laurent 21255 21010 5 10:42 ? 00:01:26 java -Djava.util.logging.config.file=etc/ -DinstanceName=dev -jar lib/LapisServer.jar etc/ laurent 21067 21065 5 10:42 ? 00:00:39 java -Djava.util.logging.config.file=etc/ -DinstanceName=tst -jar lib/LapisServer.jar etc/

Before this was introduced, there was no real way to find out which process was for which instance. Now I know…

Due Date & Priority

I’ve added the due date and priority to workflows and tasks to complete the move towards Getting Things Done. Along with that, I created due date filters and comparators and priority filters and comparators.


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