I am a TeamSite/LiveSite specialist. I rely on more than 10 years IT industry experience to deliver projects and functionality that make your websites do stuff. I used to teach all Autonomy/Interwoven TeamSite and LiveSite  courses for a period of about 2 years when working at Interwoven and I’m preparing a book about it now.

I have been a project manager in the IT industry for large scale Web Content Management Systems after having been a web application developer and a certified Oracle database administrator for several years. I am always looking for new and exciting opportunities.


– Enterprise Content Management and Web Content Management (ECM/WCM TeamSite, LiveSite, MediaSurface)
– Project management (PRINCE2 Practitioner),
– Web technologies, J2EE Platform
– RDBMS (Oracle certified, MySQL)

  1. Scott Kirkland says:

    Hi Laurent, if you had a website already built in TeamSite and wanted to create a separate blog and feed content from it into your website, would you create that blog in TeamSite, or use WordPress for the blog? Thanks!

  2. If all you want is display the posts and create a feed, then I’d do it in teamsite.
    If you want to use the other features given to you by a blogging engine like WordPress (comments, subscriptions, whatever else), then use the blogging engine.

    You want something super, find a blogging engine with a nice API and work with it from your teamsite environment.

  3. Edgar says:

    Hi Laurent,

    When is your book coming out, I’d love to buy it 🙂

  4. Sameer says:

    Hi Laurent,

    Could you please help me out? I need to access a datum from my java component.

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